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Volunteering for Home-Start Shropshire

-- New courses starting in September 2017!! --
-- (in North Shropshire and Shrewsbury) --

Home Start Shropshire recruits and trains volunteers to help families with young children. Our volunteers, who know about being a parent, support other parents by visiting them in their own homes for a couple of hours each week. Some areas in Shropshire also run family groups and hold social events for families.

What kind of families would I be helping?

All kinds of families can find it hard to cope for all sorts of reasons, maybe because of ill health or disability, or because of post natal illness, bereavement or loneliness. At Home-Start Shropshire we support any parent with at least one child under the age of five years.

Our supported families, like our volunteers, come from all walks of life

Can a volunteer really make a difference?

All parents know that those early years before your child goes off to school are vital in a child’s life and at Home-Start Shropshire we believe parents have the role in creating a secure childhood for their children. It's just that sometimes everyone needs a little bit of help… your help!

Do volunteers get any training?

We give high priority to recruitment and induction training to volunteers. You will be supported through your training and throughout your time with Home-Start Shropshire. We have a highly rated preparation course that every volunteer undertakes. It is a way of meeting other people and often our volunteers forge friendships that last a lifetime.

For more information please do not hesitate to call in or phone your local office, we will always be pleased to hear from you!

For a quick guide to becoming a volunteer click here

How do I volunteer?

So do you think you can make a difference? Download an application form and send to your local office and a member of staff will visit you to tell you more.